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About 70% of IT / digital transformation projects fail. Approximately 45% are late and 25% get canceled.

The commonly held belief in the past was that projects fail because they do not follow best practices and don’t have all the right skills on the team.

The adoption of best practices, skills, and competencies has been improving for decades. Across the Federal IT landscape, the number of certified and experienced managers is on the rise. Nearly every project has someone in leadership that is certified in multiple management techniques and knows how projects ‘should’ work, but projects are still failing

Now they think project failure is because of:

  • Poor Planning and Direction
  • The Team Lacks Required Skills
  • Projects Constraints are Not Identified
  • Insufficient Communication
  • Insufficient Quality Assurance
  • Lack of Management Support
  • Lack of Desired Tools & Methodology
  • There is No Risk Management Program

and if they implement Agile, DevSecOps, and new management techniques that is the fix.

However, projects are still failing at an alarming rate.

We Knew

ASET has invested significant time and resources to study the failures of Federal IT projects of all sizes. This analysis led our team to realize that Federal IT has many unique challenges, and the general application of textbook methods (PMP, Agile, etc.) don’t yield successful results because the real root cause of project failures starts with:

  • Solving the wrong problem, or
  • Not finding a good enough solution to the problem,
  • Attempting to change systems without truly understanding how they work today
  • Allowing psychological biases to influence investment decisions
  • Not understanding organizational culture

And we built The ASET Way

ASET’s Agile Management Process (AAMP) is ASET’s differentiator and the reason we are able to deliver solutions to our customers that work within their environments, that are comprehensive, but flexible. AAMP focuses on the key challenge areas ASET has identified in decades of Federal IT support and analysis. 

With AAMP, we equip our teams with a foundation built on field-tested tools and methods, in a manner that optimizes their application to specific Federal IT challenges.

AAMP provides a unique and flexible platform for delivering success within the unique challenge environment of the Federal IT environment.

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