Financial Management

Real-Time Financial Visibility. Embedded Intelligence. Anytime, Anywhere

At ASET, we assist our clients by applying advanced technologies and allowing them to transform and prepare their finances for the 21st century – turning finance into a strategic partner in mission delivery. At ASET, we believe that by enhancing clients’ true real-time financial visibility using techniques such as predictive capabilities, allows them to turn the finance’s focus to the road ahead instead of the rear-view mirror. This intelligence accelerates productivity, presenting key information needed for decision-making without having to “seek” it out.

Budgeting and Accounting Models

ASET’s budgeting, performance management, and accounting services offer federal agencies the full range of budget and performance information across the formulation and execution life cycles.

  • Performance Management
  • Budget Formulation
  • Budget Execution
  • Business intelligence
  • Integrated Strategic Planning

Financial and Business Process Improvement

ASET combines leading-edge technologies and practices with federal experience to deliver end-to-end financial management solutions and process improvements.

  • Collaborative Accounting
  • Administrative Support (travel, budget, procurement, and other administrative functions)
  • Financial Life Cycle Support
  • Financial Compliance

Financial Security and Audit Readiness

We assist our clients in analyzing, assessing, designing, and implementing financial management security policies using identification, authentication, authorization, and encryption technology.

  • Configure Financial/Accounting Security
  • Secure Travel, HR/payroll, procurement, and reporting applications
  • Cascade/Coordinate Financial Policies and Standards
  • Reduce Financial/Program Risks
    • Maintain Financial Information integrity
    • Enforce Separation of Duties
    • Compartmentalize/Mark Classified data
    • Reduce/Contain Security Costs

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