Data Science & Analytics

Using the AAMP differentiator, below are some Data Science & Analytics examples of the successful outcomes we have provided our customers.


Created AI/ML program to ‘bucket’ unstructured data, increasing response time by 375% for analytic products

Established Agency Data Management process in less than 3 months


Developed entity matching algorithm that increased matching accuracy by 55%

Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML)

ASET uses AI and ML to drive processes at scale and help our clients make informed business-transformation decisions. We help our clients fully implement a business strategy involving AI/ML to help meet their unique mission(s).

  • Learning Analytics and Automation (Regression, Clustering, Classification and Recommendation)
  • Predictive Analytics and Automation (Simulation and Optimization)
  • Learning Models (Reinforced, Supervised, Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised)
  • Transformation Analytics and Automation (aggregation, enrichment, processing)

Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

ASET’s approach to analytics and business intelligence is the integration, assessment, and operationalization of data in concert with software tooling and analytic models to drive understanding, decision making, and mission advancement. Our focus is on identifying the pressing and meaningful questions, then working with requisite data and tools to uncover insights and answers to the most complex mission challenges.

  • Big Data Management
  • Data Analysis and Management
  • Analytic Model Design and Implementation
  • Data Infrastructure and Engineering
  • Data Driven Decision Support


A major challenge for businesses today is to present information in a format that supports decision-making. ASET helps our customers choose and configure the best technological tools to better comprehend their vast amounts of data in order to make fully informed, data-driven decisions

  • Quick comprehension & fast action
  • Connect dots for better insights
  • Co-relations for comprehensive understanding
  • Identify opportunities & market sentiments

Enterprise Data Management

At ASET, we develop and deploy data management solutions for clients to assist them in optimizing the use of data while navigating and adhering to applicable policies and regulations so that they can make decisions and take actions that maximize the benefit to their organization. We understand that a robust data management strategy is becoming more important than ever as our clients increasingly rely on intangible assets to create value.


  • Data Governance
  • Enterprise Data Management Strategy
  • MDM Services

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