Using the AAMP differentiator, below are some Cloud examples of the successful outcomes we have provided our customers.

First program to transition to cloud in one of the USG agencies

Created Data Hybrid Cloud (Azure and AWS) Analytics PAAS prototype for client in under 3 months


Saved customer 30% in annual cloud costs

Cloud Architecture

Architecture and design practices are the most critical concerns in cloud-based projects. The lack of general understanding of the processes and required architecture and design methods could be the reasons why the projects stumble or fail. With business strategies constantly changing/evolving, it is essential for the businesses to create systems that can adapt and scale quickly. ASET helps our clients avoid these kinds of pitfalls by evaluating needs and developing a custom cloud architecture that best suits them.

  • Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering
  • Modernization, Planning
  • Adoption Roadmap

Cloud Migration

Migrations pose tough challenges that can be met only with a meticulous, well-planned strategy and the right resources at hand. Cloud migrations pave the way for DevOps, Automation, better Data Integration and, ultimately, Digital Transformation. Moving to the cloud adds tangible business value and reduces the risks & challenges that come with change.

  • Physical to Virtual Modernization
  • Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Evaluation
  • Cloud Architecture and Service Evaluation and Analysis
  • Migration Strategy and Planning
  • Cloud Service Transition and Adoption
  • Cloud Technology Education and Advocacy

Cloud Integration & Management

ASET empowers its clients by providing cloud management solutions to provisioning, integration, and billing & support, simplifying the process of cloud migration, management, and security & compliance.

  • Connect applications, systems, repositories, and data
  • Cloud Service Creation
  • Operational Scheduling
  • Cloud Resource and Cost Governance

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