CI/CD & DevSecOps Enablement

Using the AAMP differentiator, below are some CI/CD & DevSecOps Enablement examples of the successful outcomes we have provided our customers.


Reduced downtime by 86% leveraging IaC with Terraform in AWS GovCloud (US)


Automated testing reducing release errors by 50%


Increased System uptime to 99.999% with reduced costs by creating self-healing architecture


Using Infrastructure-As-Code (IaC), we provide our customers with a fully scripted deployment of infrastructure and applications in an environment where all infrastructure is managed in version control systems. This automated provisioning of infrastructure enables our customers to develop, deploy, and scale cloud applications with greater speed, less risk, and reduced cost.

  • Automated Architecture Strategy and Design
  • Deployment and Management of Cloud Resources
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Compliance Enforcement
  • Performance Management and Optimization

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

We bring our customers to the next level with automation and efficient processes that save time and cost. Our process-enabling software delivers faster, more frequently, and with fewer defects. With our processes, our customers can release code at 5 PM on a Friday and get to enjoying their hard-earned weekend faster.

  • CI/CD Design and Implementation
  • Accelerated Application Delivery
  • Automated Build/ Test/ Deploy Processes
  • Integrated Security Compliance
  • Automated Testing
  • Securely store & version application source code

Container Services

Our container services allow our customers to bring applications to life faster and reduce stress on their infrastructure, alleviating the demand development teams face to develop faster. Containerization brings efficiency, agility, automation, and goes hand in hand with microservices. 

  • Container Readiness Assessment
  • Containerization Design and Implementation
  • Container Management and Scaling
  • Container Security
  • Containerized Microservices

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