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There are a seemingly infinite number of IT consulting firms today – many arising out of Federal government requirements to meet small business goals. ASET Partners was not founded as a result of a small business requirement, but by a group of individuals that held senior positions in Fortune 100 companies and recognized the inefficiencies and lack of ingenuity in such cultures.

ASET Partners differentiates itself by providing large company expertise with the nimbleness and efficiency of a small business – resulting in cutting edge solutions and cost efficiencies for clients. To achieve this, ASET Partners takes a different approach to common company practices:



  • Every company says they only hire top talent. If that is the case, why do so many companies have mediocre employees?
  • Someone can have a seemingly impressive resume, and even interview extremely well. But they can turn out to be ineffective.
  • The best way to test good people is to put them on the job. ASET has worked diligently to develop a human capital management program that offers the best people at the right time. To achieve this, ASET has partnered with a number of large recruiting and staffing firms – deepening the pool of resources.
  • We are able to find top-talent quickly and efficiently.
  • At ASET, we hire based on the Lake Wobegon Strategy… similar to Google.


  • Our founders have been employed by other large contracting companies. They have seen the way these companies operate and treat their employees. These companies put profit first, then clients and employees.
  • At ASET Partners, we recognize that our ‘assets’ are our employees. We place an enormous emphasis on recognizing the achievements of our talented staff.


  • Larger contracting companies have multiple layers of upper management. These companies’ upper management either charge clients directly or indirectly, resulting in higher costs.
  • These companies oftentimes assign an expensive Program Manager whose job is to ‘coordinate’ and ‘provide oversight’.
  • At ASET Partners, we don’t believe in layers and layers of unneeded management. Our Project Managers are ‘Working PMs’. They are part of the team… not just a high billable title that performs ‘coordination’ and ‘oversight’.
  • Our PMs are engaged and in the trenches, and have first-hand insight into our employees’ impact.


  • Like most companies, ASET Partners is interested in growing. However, we are committed to not being a ‘body shop’.
  • We are dedicated to slow calculated growth. We will guarantee the propagation of our culture and values through calculated organic growth – not through acquisition.
  • Our marketing department is our clients – All are 100% reference-able.
  • We invest very little in business development – we believe our superior work serves as our business development.
  • Our strategy has resulted in 50%+ growth each year for the last 4 years.
  • We are not profit driven; we are results driven and believe that profits will follow.

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