ASET provides comprehensive services in support of client geospatial efforts - applying analysis and other informational techniques to data having a geographical or geospatial aspect. Active in the DHS MACE (Multi Agency Collaborative Environment), ASET services typically include software development capable of geospatial representation and processing as well as analytical methods to support terrestrial or geographic datasets (including the use of geographic information systems). Our efforts result in go geovisualization tools - presenting images, maps, diagrams, charts, 3D views and their associated tabular datasets – and allowing rotating views, draping images over 2.5D surface representations, providing animations, fly-throughs and dynamic linking.

ASET’s geospatial services provide our customers with critical intelligence to support their decision-making processes. By combining key data from multiple sources with visual information, our customers are able to more readily discover patters, trends and relationships to various mission needs. ASET provides expertise in state-of-the-art computing, modeling and simulation including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mapping and spatial analysis.

  • Domain Experience & Expertise

    • Web Map Services (WMS)
    • Web Feature Services (WFS)
    • Web-Based GIS Solutions
    • Mobile Solutions
    • Imagery
    • Geocoding
  • Technology Experience & Expertise

    • ESRI ArcGIS
    • GeoServer
    • Mapbox
    • Microsoft Virtual & Bing Maps
    • Oracle Spatial
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