Corporate History

The founders of ASET Partners have more than 50 years of experience and have developed a corporate culture of excellence with a large company pedigree (IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton) complemented by the agility and flexibility of a small company framework.

After working in the contracting space as senior IT professionals employed by large consulting firms, our founders recognized the sub-par performance and failed projects that occurred regularly. They watched as companies touted their employees' PMP and ISSP certifications, great past performances and hiring practices characterized as "only hiring the best peopleā€. These same companies proceeded to deliver cost-ineffective solutions and sub-par performance, many times leading to failed projects. Our founders wondered Why does this happen?

Our founders identified several key "symptoms" that propagate mediocrity including:

  • Lack of understanding of the Political Environment, True Technical Needs and Operational Constraints of an organization
  • Failure to identify the WHOLE system, issue or problem
  • Placing the wrong people/skills on projects... looking to 'fill the slot' not 'fill the need' or hiring quickly to 'fill the slot'.

With a thorough understanding of the common symptoms that fuel mediocrity, and committed to raising the bar, our founders started ASET Partners Corporation. At ASET Partners, we strive daily to raise expectations of our government clients, one work program at a time.

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