Change & Communications Management

Change is nothing new, but the pace and enormity of change that business and governments are facing today can make it difficult to keep everyone and everything moving ahead together. ASET Partners helps organizations and their people adjust to change, whether it is integrating new technology or instituting new processes. For example, our work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency included the development and deployment of a wide range of products and services to further foster field implementation of evolving incident management doctrine. To that end, our team:

  • Formed a practitioner group to solicit input on programmatic objectives
  • Planned and instituted robust peer-to-peer technical assistance programs
  • Designed and facilitated meetings to achieve desired outcomes
  • Initiated activities and formed policies to align non-traditional stakeholder groups with preparedness objectives
  • Built coalitions of the willing and employed recognized thought leaders to overcome cultural challenges and champion adoption of new capabilities
  • Developed and distributed marketing artifacts

We understand the importance of people and organizational relationships in making change successful. Understanding our stakeholders, their operational drivers and key influencers is a core tenet of our change management and communications approach. Our communications specialists work in tandem with a pool of experts, representing a wide range of operational domains, to develop marketing and stakeholder engagement programs that best resonate with the target audience.

Our capabilities include:

  • Policy and procedures adaptation
  • Organizational alignment
  • Business process engineering and optimization
  • Coalition building and governance formation
  • Concept operationalization and institutionalization
  • Meeting design and facilitation
  • Strategic communications campaigns
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