ASET Partners' DHS / NICC Team won the
2011 CEO's Award from ESi, the makers of WebEOC.


ASET Partners has extensive experience in implementing WebEOC throughout the entire development lifecycle, including use case as well as business requirements documentation, software customization and follow-on deployment support.

ASET Partners successfully managed the development and currently administers one of the largest instances of WebEOC within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This instance of WebEOC was implemented within six months to replace a failing legacy system.

ASET Partners led the customization effort by working with end users throughout the project lifespan to identify and refine business processes, document requirements, develop several extensions of the WebEOC platform and administer the application. ASET Partners’ implementation of industry best practices in project management and systems development resulted in efficiencies that saved DHS an estimated $8M in lifecycle costs for the resulting WebEOC project.

ASET Partners has successfully collaborated with Federal, State and local stakeholders to implement comprehensive information management solutions based upon operational needs. Some examples of the innovative WebEOC solutions ASET Partners has developed in response to end user needs include:

  • True Transfer - Developed a method to move a record from one incident to another
  • PDF Integration - To serve the needs of our customers, we have developed the ability to spool reports to PDF
  • Integration with upstream and downstream non-WebEOC systems to comply with nation reporting needs.

More. Service offerings include:

  • Technical assistance and stakeholder engagement to achieve multi-disciplinary or multi-jurisdictional governance and concepts of operation
  • Rapid development of new technical capabilities to support dynamic mission objectives
  • Expedited deployment of WebEOC solutions
  • ASET Partners is a recognized leader in extending WebEOC beyond its core capabilities. To learn how ASET Partners can help you with your WebEOC implementation, contact us.

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