ASET Careers

The founders of ASET Partners have worked at many other companies - ranging from small to large. Through their experiences at these companies, they observed effective (and not so effective) corporate practices. At ASET Partners, we are committed to treating our employees as they deserve to be treated – as our most precious asset.

We realize the importance of recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance. We take this very seriously and routinely reward our top performers. At ASET Partners, our management layer is strong, but thin, allowing our talented staff to work in a mostly independent environment. We offer highly competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package and are passionate about making ASET Partners not just 'a' place to work, but 'The' place to work.

At ASET Partners, we recognize that our success relies on the quality of our employees. Unlike many government contracting companies, we have established rigorous hiring practices and only consider the most talented, intelligent and energetic individuals for employment.

Our clients are diverse and offer unique opportunities, however, they have one thing in common - they expect only the best from ASET Partners. We've been proudly exceeding expectations since 2008 and can only continue to do so with the right people. In order to maintain our distinguished reputation, we prefer to expand our company through slow and deliberate strategic growth and only with those that meet our superior standards.

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